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The hearth not only brings warmth, but is also central to a home. That’s why we are The Hearth Team! Our boutique, tailored approach focuses special attention on our clients as the center of the real estate process. We give you our full attention by listening to your needs and helping you create an individual plan based on informed decisions, so you can focus on other obligations and enjoyments of life. Instead of a cold one size fits all approach, we bring warmth to the home selling and buying process. Let’s start working on your real estate goals!

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The Ultimate Guide to Recycling in Portland

Recycling is a great way to curb depletion of essential natural resources, support the environment, and declutter your house. While it’s technically possible to recycle nearly every type of plastic or metal, curbside recycling programs sponsored by the city of Portland accept only the most common recyclable materials. If you are struggling to differentiate between different types of recyclables and which color bins they should go into, our guide can help.

You Can’t Miss These 4th of July Activities in Portland

Independence day is right around the corner, and you know what that means: smoky barbecues, red-white-blue desserts, and fireworks. But if you are looking for something other than that, the City of Portland has a lot to offer. Be it huge displays of fireworks, outdoor events with live music and dancing, parades, or fun-filled family oriented activities, there is a lot to uncover on the 4th of July – right here in Portland!

7 Minority-Owned Businesses in Portland You Can Support

Are you looking to get a taste of the different cultural experiences that Portland has to offer? Visiting minority-owned businesses allows you to do just that without falling for the same old marketing tactics used by name brands. Check out this list of businesses in the Portland area to experience a unique take on food, fashion, wellness, culture, and lifestyle.